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GdA S.p.A.

Girogio de Angelis founded GdA S.p.A in 1996, and produced the first woman’s collection using natural fibres and the most recent advances in technology. In 2003 GdA Shirty, dedicated to men’s shirt, was set up

Interview with Chiara Perego  – GdA SpA

GDA has two divisions, a women’s collection and a division dedicated to shirts for men. What do you work on?
“We design both printed and unprinted fabrics.”

Do you work on commission?
“We create two seasonal collections which we present at the sector’s trade shows, and we take commissions from the clients who see our product and reserve it. But the majority of clients request variations such as printing on silk rather than on wool.”

Do you also work with luxury brands, could you give me some examples?
“Yes, we’ve worked with Girgio Armani, Etro and Ralph Lauren.”

How big is your company?
“There are 15 people working for us, we don’t have internal production workers and entrust this to external companies with whom we work with to develop all of our projects”

Are you able to be competitive on the global market?
“On price, no but we have more know-how. Artisans offer higher quality and greater creativity compared to industrial companies.”