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Tessitura Taiana

Tessitura Taina Virgilio has been producing textiles for men’s shirts, women’s clothing and swimwear for over 75 years.

Tessitura Taina Virgilio is based in Olgiate Comasco, the traditional area of the textiles industry, that has been weaving, dyeing, printing and working with fabrics for centuries and it is an area where these activities are rooted in tradition and local culture. For several yeas our research has followed two lines. The first is meeting the demands associated with “trends” and “fads”, and is built upon speed and looking new materials and new visual experiences. Our second line of research involves a slower, more in-depth process, where we interpret the “spirit of the times” and play with the phenomena of the mainstream. Here we focus on the post-modern consumer, and thus the ability to reconcile and merge concepts that are traditionally contradictory: new versus old, sophisticated verses simple, masculine versus feminine and concrete verses the esoteric.